The Currumbin Young Veteran Support Services (YVSS) program is the first of its kind for any RSL in south east Queensland.  The program offers social, education and employment opportunities for young veterans.

The social stream of the program aims to:

Provide social, health and wellbeing opportunities for young veterans and their families including:

  • Weekly Coffee Catch Ups
  • Weekly Fitness Training
  • Group events for young veterans and their families

The demands of military life can make it challenging to adjust back into the civilian world.  We encourage our young veterans to engage in social and health and wellbeing events either by themselves or with their families.  Social engagement has many positive benefits including:

  • Building and maintaining relationships
  • Keep learning new skills
  • Staying connected
  • Improved physical and psychological health and wellbeing

Education & Employment

YVSS delivers a number of employment and training opportunities designed to:

  • Attract former young Gold Coast Australian Defence Force (ADF) personnel to roles with quality Gold Coast employers
  • Assist employers to better understand the transferability of young veteran skills to the workplace
  • Assist young veterans access employment opportunities that suits the veterans individual needs and abilities and complement employer needs
  • Offer a pre-employment program that can assist young veterans with being ‘job ready’ and enhance the transition process.

The methods and approaches in the veteran employment service are innovative and unique to the context of young veterans and Gold Coast employers.  Combined with quality employers and inter-agency collaboration, the program is leading the way in employment initiatives to support young veterans on the Gold Coast.

Young veterans gain technical skills that are highly transferrable to the civilian workplace.  There are also the value adding non-technical skills that employers look for and that military personnel bring to the civilian workplace including:

  • Critical thinking
  • Experience in working in diverse environments
  • Leadership and teamwork capabilities
  • Dependability, loyalty and integrity

Features of the Young Veteran Support Services

  • The program assists young veterans transition into civilian employment through pre-employment programs, assistance with job placement and post placement support through expert case management support
  • The program is considerate of the young veterans family needs and home life
  • A partnership between our Young Veteran Services Coordinator that is based on empathy, dignity and respect
  • Case management is individualised to the young veteran

For more information about YVSS call (07) 5534 0941.

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