The spirit of Christmas on the Gold Coast lives on through the legacy of Wendy Taylor and her exquisite collection of Christmas pieces which now make the Christmas Village scene at Currumbin RSL. Until her untimely passing in 2014, Wendy collected village pieces and all things Christmas for over 14 years which now makes up this beautiful exhibition for the club’s members and guests to enjoy. The village is a representation of how Wendy felt about Christmas – beautiful, festive and full of love and togetherness. Wendy will always be remembered for her compassion and love. She always loved purchasing things for people to see and more importantly to enjoy. The Christmas Village is such a heart-warming and wonderful display that allows guests and members to feel the ambience of Christmas. Wendy Taylor was the founder of the Fun N Ageless group here at Currumbin RSL, which is now presently run by Sustainability & Community Relations manager, Kerry Shepherd.