This year’s Veteran’s Health Week (VHW) will be held from Saturday, 22nd September – Sunday 30th September with a focus on nutrition, highlighting the importance of improving and maintaining good health.

The Veterans Health Week sheds light on our veteran community and how we should aid in engaging positively with men and women from Australian Defence in how they treat their health.

One firm believer in nutrition and the effect on mental health is Young Veteran Support Services Coordinator Naomi Wyatt.


Mrs Wyatt said, “The importance of nutrition is imperative in one’s health, mental health and well-being. There are specific foods that improve our memory, mood and concentration which in turn is linked to aiding our ability to stay calm and happy in what is now a busy and stressful world.’


Currumbin RSL will be running a number of events associated with Veterans’ Health Week events including a Veterans’ Health Expo as well as a Healthy Cooking Worksop conducted by Currumbin RSL Executive Chef Felicity Best.

Mrs Best said, “Good and balanced nutrition is imperative in leading a healthy lifestyle and reduce the risks of chronic illnesses. Some examples of healthy nutritional foods which not only aid in nutrition, however, mental health include; garlic, blueberries, potatoes, egg yolks, dark chocolate and salmon.”

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