Sustainability in Business

Since 2009 Currumbin RSL Group has been committed to reducing our carbon footprint targeting environmental initiatives in waste, water and energy.


Did you know that over 500 million plastic straws are used and thrown away every day in Australia and that plastic takes an average of 450 years to start to degrade?  We’ve joined Australian organisation ‘The Last Straw’ to assist with reducing the waste from this one item.  Staff no longer place straws in drinks unless a patron asks specifically so, if you need one, ask when ordering. But you’ll be happy to know that the straws we use are produced from corn starch and are completely compostable.

Our Head Chef, Felicity Best, is passionate about procuring food from suppliers who use as little packaging as possible or alternatively, packaging that can be recycled or re-used. In this way, we’re keeping the waste levels to a minimum at an early stage of the process.

Our Bottlecycler glass crusher is busy crushing an average of 3500 bottles per week. This is equivalent to a reduction in 36 comingle bins. We’re saving on transport,  greenhouse gas emissions and contributing to glass recycling in a ‘closed loop’ way.

We are also grateful to Currumbin Special School students who come weekly to crush plastic milk bottles to reduce the volume by 7 times. This means a reduction in the number of comingle bins filled and transported.

We use a Pulpmaster machine to recycle 100% of our organic waste. The Pulpmaster liquefies food  waste which is collected from site and recycled into compost.

Comingle bins are used for all recyclable plastics, metals and glass that doesn’t get crushed in the Bottlecycler. These bins go to recycling plants and stay clear of landfill. We flatpack and recycle cardboard and paper waste.


The club initially had 500+ lightbulbs changed to compact fluorescent or LED. Our air conditioning and lighting is zoned enabling whole venues to be switched off when not in use, offices are fitted with sensor lighting ensuring when no one is working, the lights are off.

All of the club’s refrigerators and freezing units are fitted with Aussie Powernators – a device that regulates the appliances use of electricity keeping it at a persistent rate rather than the normally fluctuating levels associated with appliances. An efficiency upgrade of 30% is expected by the use of the Powernators.

Dune Café, part of Currumbin RSL’s Group,  has a 25KW grid connected solar power system installed which utilises our glorious Queensland sunshine to make energy!


Around 120,000 litres of rainwater is stored onsite in 4 tanks. We use the tank water for our gardens, maintenance and cleaning and Pulpmaster feed-in. Also, all toilets throughout the club are plumbed to flush with rainwater. We currently store more water than we use so we are constantly seeking ways that we can use the water for other purposes.

All kitchen and toilet fittings are water efficient and staff have a conscientious attitude towards the use of water.


Our onsite gardens, tended lovingly by one of our members is packed with produce. Chefs forage regularly for herbs and salad greens. Gardens are busting with rosemary, parsley, basil and other herbs as well as our signature crop bokchoy. Beautiful edible flowers that grace our gorgeous desserts abound giving no need to purchase from external sources, saving transport miles and cost.

A flowhive, packed with busy bees, produces all honey used in the kitchens.


We support local producers, suppliers and organisations. We work closely with local businesses, schools and other entities in a spirit of collaboration.

Upstairs in the club we’ve provided “Waterside Artspace” a gallery-style space for local and emerging artists to showcase their talents free of charge and no commission taken. Let’s get Art Out There!!

The Club provides financial and in-kind support to veterans, local groups, charities, schools and organisations through its Community Benefit Program. In the last 5 years, over $5million has been given or granted to organisations in our local catchment.

Our Fun and Ageless Group is a strong commitment to combat isolation amongst 60+ age group in our community. The club provides resources for monthly programs of activities to promote friendship and health for this often forgotten age group.


Our Community Benefit Fund averages $1 million per year in funding and grants to local organisations.

We also have regular visits from university and school groups to take part on a guided sustainability tour of the Club so they can see sustainability working in real life not just in theory and hopefully be inspired to do the same. Who knows how many tree huggers we’re creating?!

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