We were delighted to be approached by Patty Dwyer, a coordinator at the local Currumbin Community Special School, with the opportunity of helping the school out. Patty has devised a program to give the Class of 2018 senior students the opportunity to learn some life skills at local businesses. Whilst the experiences are a chance for the students to learn, the benefit to businesses is clearly evident with the students doing jobs that may not otherwise get done.   Ms Dwyer explained ‘our students are getting such a rich and valuable education and they’re connecting with our local community. We thank the Currumbin RSL for the wonderful support with this project. Its a win win for everyone involved’.   Each Tuesday morning the small group of senior students turn up to attend to their range of tasks. They’re always excited to be involved and ready for action. There’s Zac with his enormous amount of energy who crushes the plastic recycling bottles reducing their volume drastically for the bins, Jasmine who loves to feed the shredding machine with waste paper which is then used in the compost and the others who neaten Kid’s club room, re-stock the coloring-in sheets and sharpen all the pencils. They’re a hive of activity and have taken to the jobs so incredibly well.