Poem recital shared by Cheryl Clarke

The ANZAC Spirit is an amazing thing and touches people in different ways.

For Sisters Cheryl and Karen it is an all pervading spirit inspired by their late father who served in the Australian Defence Forces in New Guinea with the Flying Catalina Squadron in World War 2.

Cheryl is a regular visitor to Currumbin RSL thanks to Karen who is not only her elder sister but also her carer.

In 1982 Cheryl was critically injured in a car accident and was in a coma for six weeks and Karen has looked after Cheryl ever since.

Cheryl recalls a poem once read to her by her old neighbour from the days when the family lived in Victoria.

Like her late father, their neighbour Christopher Farrell was a World War 2 Veteran also and while at war struck a poem that Cheryl has committed to memory and can recite from the heart.

After moving to the Gold Coast in 2000, each week Karen takes Cheryl out on regular visits, including the weekly Wednesday Bingo session at the Club.

It was before this week’s session that Cheryl kindly allowed us to record her recital of the poem by Christopher Farrell.