Multi award winning Alleys Restaurant is officially closed and the hoarding has gone up creating a temporary entrance into the Club as Stage 1 of our exciting renovation has begun. Behind the wall it looks like an episode of The Block except of course without the drama or the cameras. Most importantly instead of fixtures, fittings and furniture going to landfill, they’re being given away free on Gumtree, salvaged by the people from the Eco Village or refitted in the renovation!

Operation Reduce Reuse Recycle has been coordinated by our Sustainability Manager, Kerry Shepherd. Kerry explained “Heaters, emergency lighting, smoke detectors, bain marie heat and lighting as well as light fittings are being reused in the renovation and the objective is to keep as much out of landfill as possible. It’s also another way we can give back to the community. We have the option of scrapping the stainless steel from the kitchen, but instead the builders are giving it to workshops for use in their projects for people with disabilities.”

Katrina and Finn from the Eco Village were in today salvaging doors, wood and bench seat cushions. Sam from the Highlands in the Eco Village salvaged some glass panels. Kerry pointed out that they had the Currumbin RSL logo on them and Sam said that that just makes him like them even more. He and his wife actually met at Currumbin RSL so they will keep the logos on and every time they see them they can reminisce about the time they met here!

Our eco warrior dishy, Mark Elley is arranging for his beloved dishwasher, which is still in good working order, to be moved and refitted in the upstairs function kitchen. This is the short-term workplace for kitchen staff until the renovation is complete downstairs.

As you walk past the temporary entrance to the Deck Creekside Café and Main Bar, you can smell the slight aroma of freshly sawn wood which is always a welcome indication of an exciting renovation. All will be revealed in ten weeks, just in time for Christmas.

If you thought the deck was big before, you should see it now! The deck extension is complete with a roof to keep you cool as the weather begins to heat up and will also keep you dry when we hopefully get some much needed rain.

Stage 2 is scheduled for the first half of 2020 which will see the Deck Creekside Bar and Café and Main Bar replaced by a fabulous central bar area to complete the brand new casual dining precinct.

Blog by Carmen Mudie