This is self-proclaimed ‘Girl Friday’ Chris Fennell. She is one of over twenty volunteers at the Veterans Support Centre (VSC).

Chris has been volunteering at the VSC for four years after retiring and moving from Adelaide to be closer to family.

Family history of service

Unable to sit still, Chris soon applied to do volunteer work. Particularly, at the VSC as she holds a strong connection to the centre due to both her parents who served in Papua New Guinea.

Chris’ mother, a war widow, who worked in morse communications and claims they were the best days of her life.

On a similar path, Chris seeks to help the returning war veterans as the VSC receptionist and manages the Remembrance Day crosses.

These crosses not only symbolise the fallen soldiers but also the unity between the families and the VSC who strive to assist them through their struggles.

Volunteering is a pleasure

Chris sees the volunteer work as “more a pleasure than a chore”, and one of her favourite parts of the place is the people saying, “good people, good heart”.

These incredible volunteers like Chris are the backbone of the VSC and without them, it would not be able to complete the life-changing work it does.

Stay tuned as we take time out over the next few months to profile each of the volunteers at the Veterans Support Centre.


This article was written by Summer Spink
Ignite Education Traineeship and Elanora High School Student.