They say behind every great man is a great woman, well Alice Hornby is a clear example of this.

Alongside her husband Tony Hornby, the chairman and advocate at the Veterans Support Centre, Alice is undeniably the driving force behind the centre.

She started volunteering at the VSC in 2003 on Fridays but within the past six years has moved on to full-time.

Alice has seen and contributed to the growth of a little centre that did not even own its own uniform to a strong to a stable place that takes in hundreds if not thousands of mails whether through post or online.

She is one busy lady volunteering at not one, but three places including, the Women’s Auxiliary which is a fundraising organisation for the Veterans Support Centre.

Some of her roles at the VSC include reception, welfare, and a trainer for the other volunteers.

Alice proves that the qualifications of the VSC are set to the highest standards. As her husband is an ex in the airforce, Alice knows first hand some of the hardships fellow veterans are going through and offers an immense amount of support.

The solid bond between the veterans and the VSC is shown through their actions such as the ladies wearing red hats on Remembrance Day.

Her goals are to make people happy and help particularly the children who are in the middle of the struggles. Though it may be tiring at times, Alice explains that what she does would not be called work and the fellow volunteers who make up the centre are a family to her.


Written by Summer Spinks
Year 10 student from Elanora High School and
Ignite Education Traineeship Student