This story has to start with ‘once upon a time’ as it’s a bit of a fairy tale love story…

Once upon a time there was a beautiful and strong girl both inside and out, called Mel who lived in the enchanting beach side town of Byron Bay. This was before the time that a certain movie star moved in and made it one of the most famous tourist spots in the land.

Mel had recently split up from her ex-boyfriend of nearly ten years. Let’s just say it was a painful breakup and as far from ‘consciously uncoupling’ as one could get.

Mel was rebuilding her life and starting from scratch at 28 years old while running her own restaurant. Six months after the breakup, a handsome and charming stranger appeared in her restaurant who was from a faraway tropical island (cue the singing birds!). He caught her eye… They chatted for a while and she couldn’t help but think there was something familiar about him. After he left she thought she would never see him again. However, Mel was unaware that she too had caught his eye and he ventured back to her restaurant the very next day to ask her out! He had to work fast as he was only in Australia for ten days from Los Angeles and spending just three of them in Byron Bay.

He said his name was Miles and then she realised with wonder that this wasn’t the first time she’d seen him. Her ex had been working in Japan and she remembered that Miles was his roommate from years ago that she’d seen in photos! Little did they know then that fate had been working so hard for so many years and was finally able to bring them together… but in this story we’ll say that it was a magical fairy godmother waving her wand.

Their date was the first of many and after capturing her eye, Miles caught her heart. They travelled between LA, Miami, Hawaii, Byron and Sydney and now Mel and Miles are a family with three children living on the Gold Coast.

Mel has been working at Currumbin RSL for seven years. You’ll recognise her from some of our photoshoots too. She started in Alleys Restaurant then moved to the Café and also supervised the Dune Café. Mel’s now back at the Deck Creekside Café and always ready with a gorgeous smile that lights up the room and a delicious coffee made with love, of course.

Fairytale retold by Carmen Mudie.