You can’t meet Edwina Waddell without meeting Bob, so before I introduce you to the delightful Edwina of Evolve Chiropractic GC, I thought it best for you to meet Bob Bones. Bob is named after Edwina’s late father, Bob and was a gift from her parents twenty years ago when they were encouraging Edwina to learn about bones – Bob is a full sized scale model of the human skeleton. He stands at the door of Evolve GC welcoming you in with his friendly, toothy smile.

Living in Yeppoon twenty years ago, Edwina was a lot different to the person she’s evolved into today. Formerly ‘”slightly uncoordinated’” (her words, not mine!), she has since become a very strong swimmer and has lightning reflexes. For those with an unbalanced nervous system, sharp reflexes and playing sport at an elite level can be a challenge. It still gives Edwina a thrill when she effortlessly catches a ball today and she has also competed in the Alcatraz Sharkfest Swim to San Francisco Bay (approximately 3km – not for the fainthearted) in 2009 achieving an amazing 7th place! It’s thanks to treatment from her chiropractor. She learnt that her body had the ability to heal and thrive and it was her nervous system in her spine that needed restoring to give her the edge she craved. She experienced firsthand how powerful and quite magical chiropractic treatment could be to enhance her body and turn it into the wonder woman she is today, but she thought that she would never be able to do it herself. However, when Bob Bones came into her world, she decided to have faith in herself to become a chiropractor and has never looked back (pun intended!).

Edwina was 25 years old and straight out of university when she moved to London. Initially it was an extremely daunting experience because she was representing her entire chiropractic community – the people of London hadn’t ever heard of a chiropractor. She successfully educated and helped people thrive while growing herself and after eleven years away, came home to Australia.

Edwina practiced on the Gold Coast for a few years and then moved to Sydney for 18 months. But there was this pretty awesome guy called David on the Gold Coast that she had to get back to…

They’ve since moved in together and with the help of David and his local Currumbin and Tugun friends, have created a little piece of paradise in Currumbin – her very own chiropractic clinic. It took them just 10 days to create Edwina’s dream practice. They even have their own six month old rescued puppy, Sunny – mostly part Border Collie and Australian Koolie but a gorgeous mix of many more!

As you step into Evolve GC at Currumbin (opposite Gecko House on Duringan St), you find yourself stepping into a sanctuary. There’s nothing clinical about this practice. It even smells divine and there’s always delicious herbal tea brewing. More often than not, you’ll have cute little Sunny wagging her tail to greet you if she’s not curled up asleep. It looks like a day spa and feels like a warm hug – it’s instantly relaxing.

Edwina happily explains “The Currumbin community have been really supportive of my practice. I was afraid of it not living up to my expectations but opening up my own practice has been one of the happiest moments of my life. I even have some of my patients stop in just to give Sunny a pat or to take her for a walk.”

The philosophy of a chiropractor is that by removing physical pressure, health and function can be restored to your nervous system and return it to its natural state of ease. Edwina uses both traditional chiropractic adjustment and neuro-impulse control – for infants and those who prefer a lighter touch. Her other methods include the Saco-occipital technique (SOT), Webster technique, applied kinesiology and retained neonatal reflexes. She really knows her stuff!

If you are curious to see if chiropractic treatments could help you heal and thrive, everyone is welcome to attend Edwina’s free walk-in sessions every Thursday from 3 – 3:30pm and 5:45 – 6:15pm. Also her opening hours range from 7am until 7pm on different days so you don’t have to take time off work to get to your appointment – she has hours and treatment to suit every kind of body.

Edwina will be away for 5 days in November to volunteer at the Sant Nirankari Mission, also known as the Universal Brotherhood Mission in Dehli, India. She will experience three full days of nonstop adjusting patient after patient with 1000’s of people lining up for free treatment. They are expecting a massive 1.5 million people to attend – that’s nearly three times the population of the Gold Coast.

Safe travels Edwina and we’d love to hear all about it when you’re back. (pun intended again!)

Blog by Carmen Mudie