Last year gin experienced more growth than any other spirit besides whisky. The most popular and Grandfather of gin styles, the London Dry requires distillers to follow a recipe with age-old instructions that have clearly withstood the test of time. The highest performing gin brands in Australia are Gordons, Bombay Sapphire and Tanqueray and they all use the London Dry style. In Australia, half of the gin poured in bars is Gordons as it’s great value being triple-distilled and juniper-forward. Bombay Sapphire is iconic in its blue bottle and the leading premium gin brand in the world. Using exotic ingredients sourced from specific farmers around the world it is also 100% vapour infused. Tanqueray comes in a classic art deco green bottle and the pineapple featured on the Tanqueray crest is a traditional symbol of hospitality, quality and discernment. Beefeater is also an LD gin and has spicy and fruity aromas with a focus on the juniper along with eight other botanicals. Hendricks is a distilled gin and the infusion of specially selected rose and cucumber means that no other gin is made or tastes like Hendrick’s. Plymouth Sloe is a flavoured gin using blackthorn berries along with sugar. Sloe gin is more of a fruit cordial or a liqueur than it is a true gin. All are available in La Bocca Bottle Shop and new to La Bocca is Adelaide Hills Distillery 78’ small batch gin. It’s a LD gin infused with other botanicals to make it a spicy-savoury flavour.