Today we farewell our wonderful Executive Marketing and Communications Manager, Gordon Watson.

The problem with that sentence, apart from the fact that Gordon is leaving, is that the word ‘wonderful’ doesn’t begin to describe this professional individual I’ve had the pleasure of working with. I came into the office today and discovered Gordon had hand planted a ‘money plant’ in a cup with a kind message for me.

Gordon’s friendly, welcoming and positive energy at Currumbin RSL has swept throughout the entire Club and touched the heart of all who came into contact with him. Whether it be our regular Bingo players, members of The View Club, War Widows and Women’s Auxiliary or Alleys Restaurant regulars like our lovely lunchtime visits from ‘The Duchess’ and her sisters, Gordon has always been there with an openhearted smile and kind gesture.

Bringing a wealth of information, creativity and oh so many pastries and goodies into the office,  Gordon always looks ‘runway ready’ with a nod to fun in the form of mismatched colourful socks. I’ve also never met anyone who’s won so many raffles – I think it must be karma. It’s Gordon’s generosity coming back to him.

From running a myriad of marketing campaigns to running his first Ultramarathon and raising $1,700 for our Veteran Support Centre, Gordon has also been responsible for many Marketing interns getting their foot in the door and a step up in their career.

Staff Club wide from the Deck Creekside Café to Gaming, Reception and of course our friends across the road at the Veterans’ Support Centre, Young Veteran Support Services and Ignite Education have flooded Gordon’s Facebook page and stopped him as they cross paths at work with thoughtful well-wishes and messages of what Gordon means to them. None more significant or heart felt than that of Cythnia Munro, Currumbin RSL Women’s Auxiliary President…

Cynthia was looking for something special to give to Gordon and found some of her commemorative pins and a pair of her husband Ewen’s special ANZAC Centenary of Gallipoli cuff links. Initially Cynthia couldn’t find one half of the pair but then she remembered where it was. Still pinned to Mr Munro’s suit jacket from when he wore it on ANZAC Day. Cythnia insisted “Ewen would like you to have them”. Gordon is pictured showing them off (left) with Cynthia.

So where is Gordon going I hear you ask?

After a short couple of weeks of rest and rejuvenation, Gordon’s new adventure will be taking his business, Velvet Design to the next level. Velvet Design is a one-stop shop for interior design, property staging and styling so follow Velvet Design on Facebook so you know who to call when it’s time to sell your property!

They say the only difference between a successful person and one who isn’t, is grit – courage and resolve; strength of character and this is Gordon in a nutshell. Gordon will be missed but I’m sure that those who know him will join me in thanking him for everything he has done for Currumbin RSL and wish him all the best for an amazing future.

With Gordon’s magic touch I’m sure my money plant will grow and make me rich in every way. As Audrey Hepburn said “To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow”. Fare thee well Gordon!

Words by Carmen Mudie