Dusty Rich – W.T.F.I.G.O

Dusty Rich – W.T.F.I.G.O


June 4


07:30 pm - 10:00 pm

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W.T.F.I.G.O is as unique a stand-up comedy show as you will see. A mixture of a LIVE stand-up comedy show and a LIVE streamed online show.

Dusty Rich has the fastest 5G mouth and 1000GB a second wit he’s the creator and comedian who brings you an hour of stand up comedy once a month about last month.

The show will be performed to a LIVE audience at the SoundLounge, Currumbin RSL, on the South East Coast of Queensland Australia and also LIVE streamed to the entire world and to which ever alien race has tapped into our communications.

Dusty Rich will be plugged directly into the super-speed information highway mainframe for the whole month before the show, with only data as his sustenance until the first Friday of the month were he will unplug for an hour to tell you what the f**k is going on.

The live-stream chat will be projected onto the stage for maximum interaction between Dusty, the live audience and the keyboard jockeys in their creepy basements or their ikea designed lounge room spilling wine on their laptops. There will be interactivity options that will enable you to affect the show physically even if you’re not there in the flesh.

It’s technology, mashed with LIVE entertainment and thrown in a blender with the mind and mouth of Dusty Rich.

With a digital stage behind him Dusty will be your guide to all that went on last month on and off the internet. The show will be like nothing you’ve ever seen and tickets will go fast so if you’re as slow as the NBN you’ll miss out.

Dusty Rich plugs in, the internet will never be the same again. “