YACC @ Deck Acoustics

Sunday 14 July 4:00pm


Originally hailing from New Zealand, Yacc discovered music at a young age, growing up and watching his father Toni Fonoti perform with his legendary reggae band “The Herbs” who have since been inducted into the New Zealand Rock and Roll hall of fame.


Through his father,  Yacc learned how to play guitar and sing. But its the last ten years playing gigs all over Australia that has polished his skills.


His shows are one of the most unique and entertaining as he is a master of the loop pedal and creates a full band sound on his own.


You can expect a wide range of music at his gig’s and a refreshing take on every song he covers. Whether it’s 90’s rnb, hip hop,  reggae,  soft acoustic or modern pop.  Yacc will bring a soulful vibe and smooth vocals to every show.

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