Voices of War presented by NAPA

Wednesday 26 June 10:30am

The National Academy of Performing Arts (NAPA) who performed Minefield and Miniskirts last year, presents their touring show for 2019: Voices of War: A unique and wonderful collection of stories, voices and people that have inspired them through Australian war history.

2 SESSIONS: 10:30am and 3:30pm.

Directed by Hollie Andrew (Critically acclaimed Actor and Director) Voices of War delivers ‘chapters’ of Australian war history in an unexpected range of theatrical genres including: verbatim theatre, original songs, contemporary dance, poetry, stand-up comedy, monologues and scene work. In a very Brechtian style of performance, they transport their audiences through a time warp of moments from our war history including the trenches of Gallipoli, heroic moments that inspired VC medals, a POW escape story, the battlefields of Vietnam and a PTSD recovery group just to name a few.

Call 5534 7999 or email Reception to reserve your seat. Gold Coin Donation – pay at the door. 

Please note that 100% of donations go to NAPA to help with the cost of costumes, etc. (If you haven’t registered, you are more than welcome to attend either session. We just want to ensure we have enough chairs for everyone, hence the registration.)

Read more about Voices of War below.


Voiced through a series of ‘vignettes’ or ‘chapters’ based on real life events, our actors breathe life into an expansive collection of moments and stories, all inspired from our Australian war history.

Authentic, honest and completely original, this one-hour self-devised performance is based on intertwined letters taken from every war Australia has ever fought in.  This new work will tap into the hearts of everyone, while honoring the memories, achievements and battles of Australian soldiers and their families throughout our Australian War history.


Henry has been chasing his acting dream for years already, having attended several professional workshops from such institutions as NIDA, AIM, STC, QTC and GIN & TONIC – to name a few. Henry was a stand out in his High School Drama excellence program and has decided to continue his elite training at NAPA with the Pre Professional course after holding various lead roles in both NAPA’s Tread the Board and Acting For Camera classes.


With a little more history and experience under his belt, George was able to offer his guidance and experience on this project having been a soldier in the Australian Army himself. With National Championship titles in Cheerleading and Swimming, George has now made his presence felt on the local theatre and musical theatre scene. With a couple of nominations for theatre awards already, George hopes that this year in the Pre-Professional course will provide him greater opportunities on all of the bigger stages.


With a strong background in both theatre and acting for camera, Jasmine provides a strong acting presence to the class. Knowing high achievements in various Drama Festivals. Jasmines work ethic, talent and theatrical intelligence has been crucial in the creative process of this piece.


David’s background may highlight some very impressive sporting awards, but it’s his acting potential that has swayed him into the Pre-Professional course this year. With theatre credits in both theatre and musical theatre, its David’s experience in short films that has really ignited his passion to pursue acting at a top level.


Having graduated high school 2 years ago, Andrea brings a strong singing and dancing history to the Pre-Professional class of 2019. With high accolades in Tap and Classical Ballet exams, Andrea also played a principle role in Chess where she spoke fluent Russian. Andrea has potential in all areas of theatre, including choreography, as is shown in her original dance piece in ‘Voices of War’.

Director’s Notes:

A director is always a little nervous heading into a project as they are ultimately responsible for the overall vision and outcome of the show and when it’s a Self-Devised piece of theatre the stakes are even higher.

But I saw something really incredible with this small ensemble of actors. Something diverse and interesting. I believed that they had the ideas, dedication, ability and enthusiasm to create something that is entirely their own, drawing on their own experiences as well as delving into worlds and stories they didn’t know.

Ultimately, they would be breathing life into voices, memories, loves, questions, thoughts and goodbyes from our Australian soldiers.

Although the idea was overwhelming to begin with, the more we all researched, discussed and opened ourselves up to these voices from the past, the more inspired we all became and the clearer the overall vision began to be.

Also, with the freedom of a self-devised piece, we were able to explore so many different kinds of methods and styles of performance which gave the actors opportunities to showcase their specific abilities and also to challenge themselves and work on aspects that they wanted to explore.

I honestly believe that both the cast and I have learnt so much about the Australian War experience and we hope that we are able to inspire and educate our audiences in the same way.


Hollie Andrew, Director

“They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old;
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning
We will remember them.”

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