Triplickit Live at Main Bar

Friday 24 May 8:00pm


Triplickit Live at Main Bar

Three accomplished musicians who have been performing together for over ten years – Triplickit are playing Main Bar!

They will get you jumping on board and spending the night singing and dancing along.

Rob is the lead guitar maestro, while Lachie supplies the bass groove and Tim is rock steady on drums.

Before Triplickit was formed, the band members performed on stage with various bands for several years. By the time Triplickit was formed they had the necessary experience to know what people expect from a top covers band. Their greatest strength as a band is that the three of them are also highly capable singers. Therefore the role of lead vocalist is shared. Bringing their unique qualities to the songs creating a diverse sound throughout the night, combining for some sweet harmonies.

Triplickit will keep you singing and bopping along all night. With Triplickit in the house, it’s all good.

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