Shonen Knife (Japan) X Dicklord LIVE at Soundlounge

Wednesday 30 October 7:00pm

Shonen Knife (Japan) X Dicklord LIVE at Soundlounge
Shonen Knife / Sweet Candy Power

Since their pure DIY beginnings in 1981, Osaka, Japan’s Shonen Knife have been building a faithful following of music enthusiasts and the alternative rock elite. Their relentless journey secured the band’s place as one of the pioneer ambassadors of Japanese rock music and culture on the international stage.

In 2019 the trio charges ahead towards their 4th decade of international touring and recording with their 19th studio release – ‘Sweet Candy Power’. The band features original members (and sisters) Naoko on Vocals and Guitar, Atsuko on Bass and Vocals and introduces their newest member, Risa, on Drums and Vocals.

Naoko describes the “Sweet Candy Power” album as “This album is homage to my favorite 1960’s and 1970’s rock music. Also I put all of enjoyment, entertainment, joyful and delightful from me into songs. Inspired by my experience during tours and my daily life, I wrote lyrics with fun and a little bit of ironical viewpoint. I hope people get happy through this album.” Presented through the lens of SK’s charismatic-ally.


I would like to put in a complaint to the Manager about the vulgar band, DickLord.

I heard through my church gossip group that these unruly creatures were playing at your establishment. Karen and I decided we would take a peek at their show and we were not prepared for what was unleashed upon us. Misfits, young and old singing, laughing, doing that trendy pogo dance, it was out of control!

DickLord are no doubt fuelled by Lucifer himself, with that heavy, fast music and utterly distasteful lyrics. At one point, my face actually started melting, and I thought my ears were going to bleed.  I am adding them on to my list of local heathens and I will be taking action to stop this anarchy in our community.

Regards, Debra.


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