MONO @ Deck Acoustics

Saturday 9 November 4:00pm



Mono blends percussion,
loopers and synthesizers for a
full-bodied musical experience.
He truly is a one man band.
From chilled background music
to party-pub rock or for your
special day, Mono can cater to
your needs.
Mono comes from Nepal and
has been playing covers
full-time, live for 15 years. His
love of music and deep-rooted
appreciation of it’s craft
originally guided him to many
different genres, including jazz,
metal and blues.
Currently, Mono works with some of
Queensland’s top agencies including
The Gig Factory, Pushworth and The
Together Agency. Mono plays weekly
gigs at Irish Murphy’s and has worked
at well-known venues all around
south-east Queensland including the
Treasury Hotel/Casino, Top Golf,
Steampunk, Beachhouse,
Nightquarter, the Broadbeach Tavern,
Burleigh Heads Hotel and many

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