Manhattan Short Film Festival Evening Screening

Thursday 3 October 6:30pm

Held over one week from September 27 to October 7 MANHATTAN SHORT is a 120 minute compilation of short films that are an annual hit with audiences and filmmakers alike.

This year’s absolutely amazing entries from all over the world comprise of some really beautiful stories that make you think too. MANHATTAN SHORT continues to be a premier showcase for female directors with five of the Final Ten films directed by woman, including one from Iran. This year’s Final Ten represent an extraordinary range of film genres that includes intimate dramas, spine-tingling suspense, and hilarious comedies, as well as genre surprises like a pair of science fiction films and one that focuses on tennis. “A narrative short film on sports is as rare as a centaur sighting,” notes Pia Andell, director of the The Match.We’re proud to announce two screenings in our Waterside Events room on:

  • Thursday September 26 from 1pm (doors open 12:30pm)
  • Thursday October 3 from 6:30pm (doors open 6pm)

The Final Ten MANHATTAN SHORT finalists hail from seven countries with films from France, Iran, Canada, Germany, and Finland alongside two films from USA and a record three from the United Kingdom. These Final ten films represent the best short films among 1250 submissions from 70 countries received by MANHATTAN SHORT for 2019, testimony to the enduring vibrancy and creativity of short films worldwide.

The MANHATTAN SHORT Final Ten are:
Nefta Football Club (France), Debris (USA), Driving Lessons (Iran),Tipped (Canada) Sylvia (United Kingdom), The Match (Finland), This Time Away (UK), Malou (Germany), A Family Affair (UK), At The End of the World (USA)

All Final Ten short films will become Oscar-Qualified, meaning they will become automatically eligible for an Academy Award nomination, by screening for a week at Los Feliz 3 Cinemas in the county of Los Angeles Sept 20-Sept 26

We’ll have Early Bird lunch and dinner available so you can have a quick bite to eat beforehand.

MAHHATTAN SHORT has a one-world philosophy of inclusiveness, harmony and connecting with our global community, with every film-goer having a stake in the eventual winner.

You be the judge! Not only do MANHATTAN SHORT film-goers get the chance to watch the cream of the year’s international short films, every audience member also plays an integral part in deciding the winner. By casting your vote for your favourite film and favourite actor, it is the world wide audience that determines the ultimate victor and a possible Oscar winner!

Tickets are just $5 for general seating. Call Reception on 5534 7999.

MANHATTAN SHORT began in 1998, when founder Nicholas Mason gathered an audience of 200 people and showed 16 short films on a screen mounted to the side of a truck on Mulberry Street, Little Italy NYC.

A year later, the Festival moved uptown to Union Square Park in NYC, where audiences grew to love the annual event. From those humble beginnings, MANHATTAN SHORT transformed into a worldwide phenomenon.

Celebrating it’s 22nd birthday in 2019 MANHATTAN SHORT is the only film festival on the planet to unfold simultaneously, in more than 350 cinemas on six continents for one week; bringing together over 100,000 film-lovers via the next generation of filmmakers.

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