Josh Lovegrove @ Deck Acoustics

Sunday 21 July 1:00pm


Josh Lovegrove LIVE at Deck Acoustics
After gaining immense popularity through a series of soulful live performances down the east coast of Australia. Josh recorded and released his anticipated and well received EP ‘Infinite’ in early 2015.
Josh has become a recognised name amongst the Brisbane music scene. Has spent an exciting twelve months working alongside renowned Australian singer Darren Percival. Preparing for a new innovative show which will debut alongside a full length live album in Spring of 207.
Josh graduated from the Queensland Conservatorium with a Bachelor of Popular Music in 2012. Since then he has been honing his craft as a live looping sensation while holding onto his roots as a compelling story teller.
With a passion for songwriting and captivating harmony. Josh utilises his array of effects pedals and loop stations to create a tantalising soundscape of beat boxing, acoustic and electric guitar, ukulele, flute and an unmistakable vocal styling which cross the boundaries of all genres.
At the Woodford Folk Festival 2016/17, Josh released his first of a series of independent singles capturing his messages of positivity which are woven into each of these sonic creations. ‘I’m Not Done’ is now available as a physical CD as well as worldwide on iTunes and Spotify.
“Whether taking a festival stage shoe-less in the sun, a theater stage up in lights, or immersing in the echo of an empty room. Josh has a uniqueness and raw truth about him that is distinctly compelling. Don’t waste time trying to work out whether you’ve seen him… You’ll know if you have.”
– Stefanie Brook Harper

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