Jerome Williams @ Deck Acoustics

Saturday 26 October 4:00pm



“Funky…because its true” – Tommy Emmanuel

Jerome music is “melodic, percussive, funky, based roots with a touch of rap and Jazz”… or as he likes to call it ‘roots fusion’. He has meshed together guitar techniques and styles from across the musical landscape coupled with funky soulful / even hard hitting rock / rap vocal that he seamlessly fuses elements of classic roots with contemporary and progressive genres.

Blending such varied influences as Usher, Kendrick ,John Butler, Rodrigo Y Gabriella, Linkin Park, Meshuggah, Eminem, Victor Wooten and Ray Charles… one can begin to grasp Jerome’s eclectic collection of instrumental and vocal song writing skills combined with his ability to push musical boundaries make this multi-instrumentalist with a captivating smile. Jerome’s album is due for release September 2019.

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