Grumpy Old Men LIVE at Main Bar

Saturday 10 August 8:00pm


Grumpy Old Men LIVE at Main  Bar

Everyone who sees the Grumpy Old Men in action, says of this legendary South East Queensland rock band, “I wanna do what they’re doing, when I’m that old!


The Grumpy Old Men are Big on Entertainment. Not only do they bring seasoned musicianship and a truckload of musical instruments — old school drums and guitars — but also enough coloured lights to stage a Hollywood musical.


When the lights come on, it’s all about the music. All the rock classics. Done like a Dad’s dinner.  The Doors. The Stones. REM. U2. Tom Petty. Aussie rock too. Angels. Daddy Cool. Paul Kelly. Diesel. Dragon. And more.


You won’t see any turntables, banjos, or tap dancing. And you won’t see any Miley Cyrus stage attire, if such a thing even exists…


Instead, you’ll see grumpy old men performing music you know in patented Grumpy Old black-n-white outfits. And you’ll hear driving rhythms, wailing guitars and soulful singing from an era before auto-tune.


You’ll lose your mind on the dance floor because there will be Rock! — plenty of genuine rock’n’roll, dripping with bluesy riffs and jumping with funk.


It’s a family-friendly show — all about crowd-pleasing with Grumpy Old Men in the spotlight, doing what they love doing best.

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