Gabriel Garde @ Deck Acoustics

Sunday 10 November 4:00pm



“Gab Garde is a 21-year-old singer-songwriter. Born and raised in the Philippines, he moved to Australia four years ago to study Psychology at the University of Queensland. It was here in Queensland that he began busking, and went on to busk at NightQuarter Helensvale, play twice onstage at King George Square, and perform at The Scottish Prince. His original compositions range in style from rock, to RnB, to indie folk. The music video for one of his original songs, Ophidia, was featured on MTV Australia in 2016. Gab also has an IMDB credit for collaborating with Nicolas Mercado on the track, LA Traffic, featured in the short film of the same name. https://www.imdb.com/name/nm9127681/ Gab has a love for 60s-80s classics, usually playing covers of songs by The Beatles and ABBA. When he’s not writing or performing, Gab works as a visitor experience officer at the Museum of Brisbane, while completing his postgraduate degree in Museum Studies. In his spare time, he enjoys sculpting in polymer clay, and making art dolls depicting both popular and original characters. “

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