Cini’Bin Short Film Club Evening Screening

Tuesday 25 February 7:00pm

Introducing… Cini-Bin to Currumbin RSL!

Currumbin RSL and In the Bin Short Film Festival have teamed up to bring you the Cini-Bin (cinema in Currumbin) Short Film Club!

Cini-Bin is a Short Film Club for lovers of short films!

Held on the last Tuesday of every month, screenings are just $10 each. Everyone is welcome.

Matinee Sessions are held from 1pm – 3pm and Evening Sessions are held from 7pm – 9pm.
The sessions include a 15 minute interval.


In the Bin Director, Jed Cahill has handpicked 13 of the best of the In the Bin Short Film Festival films for you from over 20 years of In The Bin.
This includes academy award winners and nominated films from Comedies to Horrors and Dramas to Documentaries. There is something for everyone!

Check out the trailer below:

Best of Bin Vol 1.

Here is the trailer of the festival we are running in Currumbin on the 25th of Feb!!!

Posted by In The Bin on Wednesday, 5 February 2020

  1. Harvey Krumpet – Academy Award winning short animation by Australian Film maker Adam Elliot, it had its world premiere at our festival back in the day.
  2. Two Men – Simple but effective film about passing judgement on people
  3. Dog and Boy – When the imagination takes a dark turn
  4. Blandville – A documentary based on an apartment block of the title name, the people that inhabit it are no where near Bland
  5. Neighbourhood is Overrun with Baboons – An award winning animation music video
  6. Welcome to Iron Knob – The 2014 Australian nomination for the Academy Awards
  7. Spider – The film that launched Nash Edgerton Bluetongue films
  8. The Last Supper –Comedian and actor Angus Sampson’s first step into directing with this short
  9. The Funk – Is an amazing experimental short films created by the late Chris Jones who went on to make the feature “Death and Life of Otto Bloom”
  10. Beast – A story about love and its taboos
  11. The Telegram Man – With a stellar cast including festival patron ‘Jack Thompson’, Garry Sweet, and Sigrid Thornton.
  12. Two Cars One Night – Taika Waititi’s Academy Award nominated short film which screened at our festival prior to the awards. He has since gone on to direct Thor Rangarok, Hunt for the Wilder People, and Jojo Rabbit where he won best director at the academy awards this year.
  13. CarPool – Finishing off with a wild ride of a movie starring the great Kerry Armstrong like you have never seen her before.


March on down to our March screenings which will feature awesome locally made documentaries!

Call Reception on 5534 7999 to book your tickets.

Dine downstairs beforehand at our new dining precinct all day menu or lunch & dinner menu or order a delicious La Bocca Pizza. You can take your meal upstairs to eat during the screening.

Grab & Go meals are also available at the cafe downstairs if you’re short on time.

We also have FREE fresh popcorn from our popcorn machine! Because you can’t watch films without popcorn. 🙂

Future dates (last Tuesday of the month) to put in your diary: Please note that there will be no sessions in April due to the close proximity to ANZAC Day.

  • Tuesday 26 May
  • Tuesday 30 June
  • Tuesday 28 July
  • Tuesday 25 August
  • Tuesday 29 September
  • Tuesday 27 October

Proudly presented by In the Bin Short Films and Currumbin RSL.

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