The recent ferocity of the Australian bush fires have caused so much death and destruction to our beloved flora, fauna, family and friends. But in the face of tragedy we have seen the spirit of humanity at its best; firefighting heroes acting like Superman relentlessly putting their lives at risk for the sake of whole communities; not only Australians but people from all over the world doing and giving whatever help they can. From kids setting up lemonade stands to billionaires donating millions of dollars, people have poured their hearts into action. That’s the part that has been wonderful to be part of – a worldwide community.

Being at the heart of the community of the southern Gold Coast, the people of Currumbin RSL are aware that the bush fire season has just begun and there will be other disasters to contend with in the future – droughts, fires, floods, cyclones, etc. Therefore, the Disaster Relief Fund has been established as a commitment for disaster relief for the next 12 months. The funds raised will be ready wherever the need may be, no matter what and when disaster strikes.

Our inaugural fundraiser ‘Beers For Good’ event was held just over a week ago where $1 from every beer and pizza purchased went straight into the Disaster Relief Fund and raised a whopping $3,572 in just two days. Thank you to everyone who generously ate pizza and drank beer for a good cause.

Donation buckets were simultaneously placed around the Club and our generous members and guests started dropping coins in within minutes. We will keep you up to date with the bucket donations as they are filled, counted and deposited into the fund.

Our second event will be on Wednesday 19 February and really puts the fun into fundraising! Drag Queen Bingo is turning things up with a huge line up of entertainment, laughs, prizes to be won and fun to be had. All proceeds from this fabulous event will go to the Currumbin RSL Disaster Relief Fund. Our first Drag Queen Bingo event sold out so make sure you get your hands on tickets fast!

Stay tuned for future fundraising events and initiatives to be announced later in the year. Keep up to date by following Currumbin RSL’s Facebook and Instagram pages.

Thank you for your support.

Blog by Carmen Mudie