Currumbin RSL is nestled on the banks of the picturesque Currumbin Creek where dolphins create ripples that spread out and gently nudge the shoreline which is a reminder of Mother Teresa’s poignant quote. Here at the Best Little Club in the World we aim to be so much more than a wonderful place to dine and be entertained. We understand how important community spirit is – it’s what our service men and women have bravely fought and are still fighting for. The Currumbin RSL Group’s businesses operate to be an integral part of the community by fostering its spirit through financial, social and environmental contributions. We are a social enterprise which applies commercial strategy to generate revenue to provide community benefit. The Group includes Currumbin RSL Memorial Club, Dune Café, Veteran’s Support Centre, Foodoo, Ignite Education and No.9 Station St property at Currumbin. From 2010 until 2014 the Group contributed over $4 million as part of the Community Benefit Fund. The table below is a snapshot of where the funds were gratefully received from diverse areas of the local community.

 201020112012201320145 Year Total
Veteran Support295,774266,153474,870517,860325,4861,880,143
Commemorative Days163,695158,812271,960456,716364,1271,415,310
Distress Donations17,8338,98934,43053,4885,356120,097
Sub Total597,195 443,546 802,310 1,078,402 768,9503,690,402
In Kind93,72189,140186,336142,888123,359635,444
Total690,916 532,686 988,646 1,221,290 892,3094,325,846

‘Sporting’ was sponsorship of Tugun Soccer Club and ‘Events’ included the Bleach Festival, Mayoress Seaway 2 Seaway, Surfing Australia Stand Up Paddle Boarding Championships and Christmas by the Sea. ‘Schools’ was the School Connect Program where eleven local schools received regular assistance with fundraising and discounted offerings by the Club. Veteran Support is close to our heart and the Veterans’ Support Centre, funded by Currumbin RSL has accessed a staggering $9,655,746 in entitlements for veterans and their families from 2008 until 2014. This could not have been possible without help from local volunteers who contributed 4981 volunteer hours in 2014. In the past 5 years the Club has spent $1,415,310 on commemorative days. The ANZAC Day Dawn service has been nationally telecast by Channel 7 each year from 2007 and the annual cost of this event exceeds $200,000 of which Currumbin RSL funds entirely except for $20,000 received from City of Gold Coast. In late 2014 ‘The Collage’ was launched with many hours invested into the collation of over 535 images of cenotaphs from around Australia and New Zealand by our Veterans’ Support Centre staff and the creation of a beautiful collage image of the Lone Soldier at Gallipoli created by Arts Excellence students at PBC High School. This was a fundraising project for the Veterans’ Support Centre and Solider on – a national organisation providing support to contemporary veterans. The Group also contributed $635,444 of in-kind support towards the hosting of events, catering of events, provision of transport and room hire for a variety of community groups and organisations. 2015 saw an excess of $300,000 spent on events commemorating the 100 year anniversary of the landing in Gallipoli. Currumbin RSL developed and funded a Pop-up Museum, a large outdoor Photography Exhibition on Currumbin Beachfront (using the Australian War Memorials’ “Camera on Gallipoli” Photographic Exhibition) and a Symbolic Sleep out at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary. The Group also worked with Swell Sculpture Festival and local schools to create a large poppy artwork installation on Currumbin Rock. Also in 2015 two long term projects were completed. One was the creation of the Currumbin RSL Memorial Garden – a unique space for members and the public to commemorate and pay respect to our servicemen and women. The other was the completion of the Australia Remembers film project; the filming of interviews of veterans and their families.  The interviews covered all wars from Boar War to current conflicts. The Group is also proud to be committed to reducing its impact on the environment through the implementation of sustainability strategies. 10 tons of green/kitchen waste per year is recycled in our worm farm which provides fertilizer for the community and our BioBin processes 100% of organic matter which is used as compost for Gold Coast Permaculture. We also recycle all glass, aluminium, plastic, tin, paper and cardboard and have water tanks for non-potable water and garden water. The Group boasts kitchen gardens both at Dune Café and Currumbin RSL which supply venues with tasty produce and goes a step further providing educational workshops. While on the topic of education, Ignite Education has been operating since 1998 providing national as well as local products and services, offering 27 courses up to Diploma level. They are the Southern Gold Coast’s main hospitality provider and are proud to offer traineeships and certificate courses to both local schools and businesses and has strong links with every sector of the community. Finally, The Group works closely with the local business community including Gold Coast Airport, John Flynn Hospital, Southern Cross University, Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary and many other local businesses. The Group has also established the Local Partners project to promote local businesses to the community. The Community Benefit Fund has certainly had a positive effect in our community and we look forward to continuing to make even more progressive ripples in the future.