Quite by accident Currumbin RSL has rediscovered an important part of Gold Coast history in a dusty dark corner of an old storage area.

An original Roll of Honour Board was haphazardly rediscovered in the lead up to last year’s preparation for Remembrance Day.  Over the last couple of months the Roll of Honour Board has been lovingly restored to its original grandeur.

The Currumbin Roll of Honour records and acknowledges over 140 local Gold Coast men and women. These men and woman served in the Australian armed forces during the Second World War between 1939-1945.

The Roll of Honour Board is like a roll call of prominent Gold Coast names that are now intrinsically linked to important places and locations on the Gold Coast.

Veteran Recalls Colleagues

Dan Waters recalls colleagues from World War Two Dan Waters (pictured right) is one of the surviving person named on the Currumbin Roll of Honour. Dan tells the story of how prominent locations around Currumbin and the wider Gold Coast can be traced back to the brave men and women honoured on this Board.

Mr Waters said, “The Currumbin Roll of Honour provides a historical insight into some of the areas park and street names as well as other connections to our modern day.”

“Kropp Park, Len Wort Park, Hoffschildt Dr and Love Street are named after some of these brave men and women.”

Currumbin RSL President Mr Michael Humphreys said, “We are so grateful to have rediscovered this valuable piece of Gold Coast history. We thought this Roll of Honour had been lost forever. You cannot imagine the surprise when this was found in the back of an disused storage area.”

Mr Humphreys adds, “This is an important piece of our local Gold Coast history. The men and women honoured on this board not only fought for our freedoms in the Second World War. They also shaped the very community we live in today. This is just a small way we can honour their selfless sacrifices.”

The Currumbin Roll of Honour Board was unveiled in a permanent display at a special afternoon tea today.