Currumbin RSL offers a number of different locations to enjoy a variety of entertainment.

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Currumbin RSL is known as the best little Club in the world and for good reason. Beautiful waterside location, great food, drink and entertainment, and friendly staff with community values.

Currumbin RSL News

Today is August 15, 2019 and it’s a warm winter’s day in...

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Additional Volley of Remembrance at Currumbin RSL VP Day Ceremony

16 August 2019

In the last three years you may have seen Tegan professional...

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Meet our very own Bookstagrammer, Tegan

26 June 2019

In the latest edition of the Currumbin RSL ‘What’s On’...

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3 June 2019

Today we farewell our wonderful Executive Marketing and Comm...

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Fare thee well Gordon

31 May 2019

Purple is defined ‘as a colour intermediate between red an...

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Veteran Profile Meet Danie Ross

27 May 2019

Main Events: Boxing and UFC on the Gold Coast at Currumbin R...

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UFC Venue on the Gold Coast

24 May 2019

Warm greetings for the winter months. I hope this season fin...

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CEO Winter Update: Currumbin RSL

24 May 2019

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