CURRUMBIN RSL GROUP SUSTAINABILITY in Business - Environmental - Social -Financial

The Currumbin RSL Group made sustainability part of its mission statement and since 2009 the Club has made a marked difference to its carbon footprint including reduction in waste, water and energy.

Part of its sustainability focus is sociability where its management and staff support local. This is done through it choice of preferred local suppliers and contractors, working with local businesses and offering a space for local artists to showcase their talents.  The Club also provides financial and in-kind support to local groups and charities and supports the local community through its community benefit program.

The Currumbin RSL Group is committed to continually finding ways in which it can reduce the impact of its operations on the environment. It is committed to providing positive social opportunities, supporting its community and creating a financially viable business that generates revenue for community benefit. The Currumbin RSL Group is proud to be an integral part of the community.

The short video and info-graphic below highlights our initiatives over the years and what we’ve been up to recently.

 Keeping it Local_Currumbin RSL Currumbin RSL Sustainable Club Worm Farm 540px wide

Did you know that over 500,000,000 plastic straws are used and thrown away every day in Australia and that plastic takes an average of 450 years to start to degrade?  We’ve joined an Australian campaign to eradicate straws ‘The Last Straw’.  Our staff have pledged to stop serving straws in drinks to try and reduce the amount of plastic waste we produce. If you need one, ask at the bar. But we do hope that you can still enjoy your drink without one!

Our Bottle Crusher is busy crushing an average of 3500 bottles per week. That is equivalent to reducing 36 sulo bins of bottles down to just 6. We’re saving on storage area, transport costs and greenhouse gas emissions.

We are also grateful to Mudgeeraba Special School who come weekly to crush plastic recyclables to reduce it by 7 times. The students are doing a fantastic job.

We have three 30,000 litre water tanks which the Club uses to clean surfaces, for general irrigation and garden watering and also to flush toilets.

Our Bio Bin takes 100% of our organic waste material from our food outlets and turns it into compost. We purchase bin liners and take away food containers that are compostable.

We have a goal of complete self-sufficiency of herbs from our gardens and we’re nearly there. They are busting with rosemary, mint and parsley just to name a few and our shallots are going berserk!

We’re also doing our bit for biodiversity with two native bee hives on site.

To keep local jobs and reduce our carbon footprint we use local suppliers wherever possible. We also provide a Courtesy Bus loan for community groups.

Fun & Ageless is an isolation reducing senior’s group with craft activities and fun excursions for seniors in our community from fun excursions to craft activities.

The Dune Café, part of Currumbin RSL’s Group,  installed a 25KW grid connected solar power system in 2016 which is doing a great job using all of that glorious Queensland sunshine Queensland is famous for!

Our Community Benefit Fund averages $1 million per year in funding and grants to local organisations.

We also have regular visits from university and school groups to take part on a guided sustainability tour of the Club so they can see sustainability working in real life not just in theory and hopefully be inspired to do the same. Who knows how many tree huggers we’re creating?!


At Currumbin RSL we aim to ensure everyone’s visit and experience to our club is as enjoyable as possible. We are committed to providing suitable access for all our guests, whatever their individual needs.

Read our Accessibility Statement.

Gold Coast Business Excellence Award for environment and sustainability

In 2012 our Club was awarded the Gold Coast Business Excellence Award for environment and sustainability. Since then the Club has also purchased a BioBin that treats 100 per cent of organic waste, including meat and seafood, resulting in no organic matter going to landfill waste. The partially cooked compost is sent to Gold Coast Permaculture for final brewing and delivered to local community gardens.

“Currumbin RSL recognises that we have an obligation to set best practice examples in the way we operate and to lead by example. The organisations green attitude expresses a commitment to minimising our ecological footprint and focus on the sustainability of our environment, community and business”. Anne Stovin, Club CEO.

Local Honey on the Money

We at Currumbin RSL love local, fun, seasonal and absolutely delicious food and Michael Bass' Bees supply us a weekly order of their scrumptious, pure, local honey.

Michael Bass has bee hives nestled in picturesque Currumbin Valley, far away from the rest of the world where global bee populations are declining at an alarming rate. Michael’s bees are thriving and have been producing way too much honey for a father, son and family to devour!

Approximately five years ago Michael began his bee keeping hobby with two hives and has since expanded to eleven. Michael says his bee keeping hobby “started off as a hobby, but then my father saw the benefits of pure honey and its health properties” and they now work together.

Michael Bass’ healthy honey is available from Freemans Organic Farm on Mt Tomewin Rd, Sumptuous Fine Foods on Currumbin Creek Road and also at the Currumbin Fair Pharmacy. Alternatively if you wish to place an order phone 07 5533 0155.

Delicious honey on the table

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