Tips to getting engaged over Christmas and New Year

If you are thinking of popping the question over the Christmas New Year period you are not alone!

According to Facebook 2.6 million users change their relationship statuses to engaged on either Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve.

So are you ready to ask the big question? Have you met and got the parent’s approval?

Proposing over Christmas is popular because it is a family time and celebrations are all around you. Best of all the key people you need are in the one place which makes it the perfect time to pop the big question.


Getting engaged over christmas new year

Here are 16 tips to consider when getting engaged over Christmas and New Year

·        Make the proposal memorable, you only have to search YouTube to see some of the best ways to propose. Outside of that, go for something romantic like a picnic on the Gold Coast’s Currumbin Beach.

·        Enjoy the moment – According to a recent British study almost 75% of people say yes when they are proposed to.

·        Stick together, get engaged because you want to not because other are pressuring you!

·        Do not let your engagement and wedding take over your life you will still have everyday things to take care of too!

·        People will ask about a wedding date before you’re even had a chance to think about it, so have an idea of when the wedding may happen and where it may take place.

·        You’ll have a hard time not jumping into wedding planning right away and will find it difficult to just enjoy being engaged, so remember to take time out.

·        Do you want to have an engagement party and a wedding? If so book you Engagement party sooner rather than later and give yourself, and your guests, enough time between events!

·        Following on from the previous point, some venues are more difficult to secure so get booking sooner rather than later.

·        Don’t threaten to elope every time you get stressed out, this will create family tension and that is unnecessary.

·        Beware of the promises you cannot keep, when it comes to planning the engagement party and the wedding party and the roles people are assigned!

·        Remember this is your engagement; use it to set the tone for the wedding day.

·        Make a plan. This will help keep your sanity.

·        Decide your budget and stick to it.

·        Not everyone will be happy, so focus on you and just accept some people will never be happy, no matter what you do. Sad but true.

·        Dream up your style and go with your heart.

·        Draft a guest list and send out the invites with plenty of time.

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