SHARE THE DREAM – GC2018 On and Off the Sporting Field

The Commonwealth Games is coming to the Gold Coast for an 11 day cultural event!

The Commonwealth Games is coming to the Gold Coast for the biggest sporting event hosted in Australia this decade and Currumbin area will will come alive with events and activities.

On the 4th – 15th April 2018, over 6,600 athletes from all corners of the world are uniting in our very own contemporary city to share the dream of a brilliant celebration defined by our beautiful and unique lifestyle.

Focused on presenting the most authentic reflection of heritage and culture, it is absolutely ensured that our community’s inclusivity, accessibility and support are shared to the utmost respect to all our guests and visitors. One of the games main objectives is to provide a decade of opportunity leaving lasting memories and benefits.

Currumbin RSL is partaking in ‘Gold Coast’s tourism inclusive and accessible tourism initiative’ by providing equal access distribution through facilities and services for all of our guests. Going beyond passively observing the event, Currumbin RSL’s community is pledged to administer brilliance beyond the sporting field.

Currumbin RSL facilitates in:

  • Oversized disabled parking allowing for ease and manoeuvrability
  • One level entrance to the club and restaurant making it easy for wheelchairs and walkers
  • Provision of courtesy buses and taxis
  • Double entry door for full mobility
  • Reception staff at main entry and readily available if assistance be required
  • Loaned access to wheelchairs and walkers in the club
  • Accessible lifts to function rooms
  • Accessible toilet facilities
  • Some staff have basic AUSLAN sign language skills
  • Provision made for service dogs
  • Security staff rostered every night
  • Customised dietary requirements
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Considering the GC2018 and the club’s community needs and expectations we are committed to promoting sustainable social and economic benefits. Following the clubs legacy of sociability, Currumbin RSL is focused on reducing their carbon footprint by investing in a holistic approach through keeping local.

This works in conjunction with the Games approach of building partnerships with the local community to support long term benefits.

Currumbin RSL Community and Sustainability Manager Kerry Shepherd says, “Sustainability has been a part of our mission statement since 2009. The club has profoundly reduced its carbon footprint, providing knowledge and support to the local community. We have also generated revenue benefiting the community making us an integral and viable source.”

Club Chief Executive Officer Anne Stovin adds, “Currumbin RSL recognises that we have an obligation to set best practice examples in the way we operate to lead by example. The organisations green attitude expresses a commitment to minimising our ecological footprint and focus on the sustainability of our environment, community and business.”

Currumbin RSL and the GC2018 objectives align to serve the interest of our community’s guests in helping stage, what will be a landmark event in the history of the Gold Coast and one that will define our future.

Discover and learn more about Currumbin RSL’s inclusive and accessible services through our website.

Learn more about the GC2018:

Learn more about Currumbin RSL’s Sustainability:


Article by Caitlin Francis

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