Proud of Our Accessibility

'We have a diverse clientele who come to the Club. We're passionate about ensuring our patrons needs are looked after and every visit to the Club is enjoyable and comfortable' -Anne Stovin CEO

Take a moment and imagine your fitness is not as good it used to be. Maybe you struggle with stairs, perhaps you now need glasses or you have special dietary requirements.

You’ve just put yourself in the growing group of accessibility challenged people, including those with disabilities or the aging population, who require the built environment and other features of venues to be considerate of their needs.

The ‘norm’ is usually for aesthetics and conventional but we believe it’s vitally important for our Club to be respectful and comfortable for everyone’s needs. We are proud of the Accessibility features within our Club.

Of course, when catering for the Veteran’s within our community it is imperative for us to consider mobility and other needs. But the Board and Management have taken the club to a whole new level.

Club CEO, Anne Stovin, says ‘We have a diverse clientele who come to the Club. We’re passionate about ensuring our patrons needs are looked after and every visit to the Club is enjoyable and comfortable’.

An Accessibility Policy and Statement has been created that lists the comprehensive array of features within the Club that cater for people first and their needs. The statement is readily available on our website and highlights just how varied accessible needs are.


To name just a few of the features: we have an excess of the required accessible parking spaces and these are located just a short stroll from the entry to the Club. The Club’s entrance has no steps and the wide automatic doors allow for easy entry for wheelchairs and walkers.

Gaming, restaurant, cafe, bar, TAB, ATM, function room and deck areas are all located on the ground floor level with wide corridors and the ability to move freely around furniture with a wheelchair or walker. Our beautiful al fresco deck area is fully accessible from this level with a 1400mm doorway access. Signage throughout the Club is large and easily recognizable.

Food is available for the entire operational hours of the Club for those who may need to graze for blood sugar purposes. Menus recognise special dietary needs and chefs are happy to accommodate any specific requirements on an as needed basis. Large print menus are available for those with sight impairment – just ask the friendly restaurant staff. Tables can fit wheelchairs and service animals are welcomed and will be looked after.

Accessible restrooms are located at a number of places on the ground level and floor-coverings are either tiles or low pile commercial grade carpet which make it easy to move around.

The first floor, housing our functions rooms are accessed via either stairs or a lift. The lift is accessible with double door opening and dual controls at wheelchair height. Accessible restrooms are on the first floor also. The Club recently joined Gold Coast Tourism’s Accessibility drive to help make the Gold Coast an inclusive place for the upcoming Commonwealth Games and beyond.

Ms Stovin adds ‘it’s important we don’t just stop where we are – but continuing to make inroads into making inclusivity ‘normal’ and not the other way around’. She said ‘Currumbin RSL has an inclusive hiring policy, we take our responsibility very seriously and want to make a difference for diversity and inclusivity in our community’.

So, if you see something that we could include to provide better access or enhance our patrons experience, please let us know – we always welcome back feedback.

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