Currumbin RSL showing commitment and innovation with installation of new Pulp Master!

Currumbin RSL’s board and management are committed to making beneficial changes in the hospitality industry through the implementation of sustainable practices across the triple bottom line of economic, ecological and social disciplines.

The changes have been achieved by a variety of initiatives in the categories of waste, energy, water and local community support programs.

Medium-larger sized clubs generate on average 10tonnes of waste per month. Around 75% of waste is organic (food) waste. Keeping organic matter out of landfill results in less atmospheric impacts (methane gas introduction), treatment of the waste to be turned into a usable resource (compost) and certainly a cost saving for business.

In association with a grant from the State Government and Clubs Qld, the Pulpmaster technology from JJ Richards was made available to 19 clubs across Queensland to divert their organic waste processes and encourage sustainability within the industry.

Diverting organic waste from landfill is Best Practice – with a ‘closed loop’ outcome. Waste is recycled and the compost bi-product will be supplied back to the club for use on our gardens.

The Pulpmaster is one the most innovative forms of organic waste management technologies.  The Pulpmaster will effortlessly and efficiently transform 100% of our clubs organic waste into liquid pulp. The liquid is held in a tank and then pumped from site and composted into fertiliser. The machine is clean, hygienic, compact and safe to use. It reduces labour costs and there is no need for bin liners and smelly waste bins.


Kerry Shepherd, our club Sustainability Manager, says “This club has always taken seriously the need for diverting unnecessary wastestreams into landfill – organic matter is a huge proportion of that.”

“We’ve been using a BioBin across all venues of the club for the last 3 years but the Pulpmaster takes our practices to a next level of efficiency and innovation.” She adds. “We’re just so grateful to the State Government and Clubs Queensland for the opportunity to participate in the Food Organics and Garden Organics Disposal and Recycling Pilot grant program.

Use and simplicity of the Pulpmaster not only reduces our waste dramatically, but more importantly aligns with our ethics and responsibilities of serving the environment.

In the case of a malfunction or problem, the machine shuts itself off and emails selected parties to rectify the problem. Service and maintenance are provided online by the suppliers team working remotely.

With the impending introduction of the waste levy, landfill prices are expected to climb tremendously. Currumbin RSL are proud to be part of the sustainability solutions and at the forefront of change in the industry.

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