Currumbin RSL a leader on war on waste

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry Queensland has accredited Currumbin RSL with Best in Practice 1 – Star Partner for the discipline of Waste, as part of their ecoBiz Partner Recognition program.

CCIQ ecoBiz is, funded by the Queensland Government, to help businesses become more sustainable and save money across their energy, water and waste bills.

Sustainability is a core value of Currumbin RSL and the Club strives to develop and implement industry best practice through a variety of different initiatives.

Community Relationships / Sustainability Manager Kerry Shepherd says, “We believe that accreditation in these programs assists to get the word out about sustainability and education to other organisations that may be contemplating including sustainability initiatives in their planning.”

“We applaud EcoBiz for the implementation of coaching, workshops and leadership in sustainability which is influential in significant change.”

Recent new initiatives include the introduction of Aussie Powernator devices which are designed to better regulate electricity into refrigeration and freezer units, reducing their energy requirements.

Another recent inclusion in the club’s waste reduction schemes was the installation of a PulpMaster. The PulpMaster efficiently transforms 100% of the Club’s organic waste into liquid pulp. The liquid is later composted into fertiliser.

Currumbin RSL also tackles the issues one plastic bags and straws by reducing the use of these environmentally harmful items.


Over the last two years the Club has phased out the use of plastic straws as part of “The Last Straw” campaign. Straws used within the club now are fully compostable and are only given out when requested by customers #thelaststraw. Plastic bags were replaced with paper and no longer used in the Club well before the recent Queensland ban on these items.

A glass bottle crusher is also used at Currumbin and crushed glass is recycled into roadbase and other much needed materials. The crushing of around 3500 bottles per week has resulted in a reduction of approximately 15 comingle bins.

Other sustainable programs at Currumbin RSL include:

  • 390,000 litre water tanks on site
  • 2 bee hives producing local honey
  • herb and flower garden providing produce for kitchens
  • Courtesy bus and venue / resource loans for local community groups
  • Sourcing seasonal produce locally – wherever possible
  • Low energy lighting
  • Procurement of compostable, renewably resourced consumable products such as takeaway items, straws, napkins and the like
  • Bike storage at the Club
  • Host a weekly sustainable – Currumbin Community Market
  • paper use reduction and recycling program


For more information about Currumbin RSL’s sustainability program or to organise a tour of our facilities contact Kerry Shepherd on 5534 7999.


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