CRSL’s Very Own Eco-Warrior: Mel Tomson

Mel Tomson, The Deck Café’s Team Manager puts the star in Barista while focusing on both the social and environmental aspects of sustainability. Inspired by both Mark Elley (see July August 2017 issue of the newsletter) and CEO Anne Stovin to do her part for sustainability, Mel has been working at Currumbin RSL since she left school 7 years ago.

You’ll see Mel’s friendly face behind the bar, in Reception as well as The Deck Creekside Café where she starts making the regular Bingo ladies and Tennis Club Members their favourite coffees when she sees them coming! Mel gained her Certificate 3 in Hospitality over 5 years ago across the road at Ignite Education and is currently completing her Diploma of Hospitality Management there too. Mel was awarded Supervisor of the Year as well as Star Performer in 2015.

Mel is at the coalface when it comes to sorting the café’s food waste to reduce landfill. “The system we have here is awesome and really easy follow. We have a bin sorting system on trolleys that I show new Employees or Trainees when training them. Sorted waste goes into either the Bio Bin or general waste that goes to landfill. Everything that goes on plates can go into the Bio Bin but I make sure that they watch out for plastic sauce ramekins as well as food wrappers that some customers bring in from kid’s snacks.”

“Every little bit counts when it comes to decreasing landfill so sugar sticks are only used upon request and we also have 100% compostable straws and biodegradable take away coffee cups.” Mel has seen first hand how hot water shrivels the straws up! Broken crockery and glasses also have a specific bin, which is taken out be recycled when it’s full – which only takes a week or so. For health of our patrons, harsh chemicals are avoided where possible and vinegar is used to polish cutlery.

Mel is happy to report that “Staff take everything on board and everyone is really positive. We even have outside helpers from students at Currumbin Special School who come in and squash milk bottles before they are recycled.”

Mel’s environmentally friendly habits at work have inspired her to do the same at home which she says is easy living over the border as they have a caddy in the Tweed bin system to put food scraps in as well as a plant clippings bin.

The Waste Management excursion to the Club’s waste contractor that Mel attended a short while ago was a real eye-opener for her. The amount of plastic bags and cardboard she saw was confronting but at the same time a useful tool to use as inspiration to keep doing her part, which she has passed on to many Trainees and new Employees to do too. We thank you Mel, you really are a star.

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