KOKODA The Spirit Lives – World Premier Documentary

World Premier: KOKODA... The Spirit Lives Documentary. Come along to honour the story of Kokoda and the spirit of the Digger. This Australia-made documentary has it's world premier here.

There are 2 FREE sessions: 10:30am & 6:30pm. You MUST register with Reception.

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Held at Currumbin RSL in The Cove. A feature-length documentary commemorating the 75th anniversary of the WWII Kokoda campaign and exploring the spirit of Kokoda, then and now.

“Our Kokoda Diggers are now in their 90’s and they’re fading. We can’t let their story fade with them.”

KokodaF&A hero

75 years ago, for the first time in Australia’s European history, our liberty was under threat. And Australia was hopelessly underprepared.

In July 1942 a rampant Japanese Army landed in Papua New Guinea, then Australian territory. The invaders were at our doorstep and the only troops standing between them and the Australian mainland were a group of young, poorly trained, under-equipped Militia units, who had never fired a shot in anger.

The crucial battles to defend Australia were fought along a jungle path over PNG’s precipitous Owen Stanley mountain range – a path we know today as the Kokoda Track. Against all odds, the young Militia Diggers held on just long enough for our seasoned AIF veterans, rushed back from the Middle East, to join them. Together they eventually turned back and defeated the Japanese.

Best-selling author and broadcaster, Patrick Lindsay, commemorates the 75th anniverary of this remarkable story with his documentary, ‘Kokoda… The Spirit Lives’.

Linsday’s Limetree Studios presents a modern telling of the Kokoda legend, an examination of its significance in the Pacific War and an exploration of the enduring spirit that sustained the Kokoda Diggers in 1942 and which still inspires Australians today.

As Gallipoli symbolised the ANZAC spirit of WWI, so Kokoda is its WWII equivalent.

Today, walking the Kokoda Track has become a rite of passage to many young Australians. Others, drawn by the chance to literally walk in the footsteps of the Diggers, explore the battlefields, the terrain, the PNG people but, most of all they explore themselves.

Though Kokoda Diggers are now well into their 90’s and they’re fading. Soon, there will be no living link with this iconic chapter of our history. How will we remember them?

How will we ensure their sacrifices are understood and appreciated by their descendants and by those who enjoy the freedom the bequeathed us?

‘Kokoda… The Spirit Lives’  honours the remarkable achievements of the Diggers and the Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels, illustrates their legacy and passes on their story to future generations.

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