Eugene @ Deck Acoustics

We welcome the lovely and talented Eugene Kurolap to Deck Acoustics - it was a long journey around the world to get here!

After the collapse of the communist Regime (Russia), Eugene’s musical parents took him and his brother to Israel and then onto Canada where he spent the next 17 years. Eager to leave the Canadian cold, Eugene left Canada in 2013 to see the world. In 2015 – after meeting a busking young lady in Tel Aviv, Eugene realised that he could do what he loves instead of having a routine and a boss.

April 15, 2015 marked the first time Eugene nervously went onto Rothschild Boulevard in Tel Aviv, outside of Mcdonalds and made his first $15. It wasn’t the last…

Since this discovery, Eugene decided to travel the world and support himself exclusively through busking.

It wasn’t supposed to be serious. At the beginning, Eugene was simply content with not having a boss – having rent paid was a big accomplishment. Yet sitting still is not one of Eugene’s strengths; his soul yearned for more.

Eugene started recording his first EP in Tel Aviv, working with the talented Alon Wasserman for production. Since then, the two finished tracks ‘Occasionally’ & ‘Come Back Home‘ have brought countless smiles and even some tears to the people around the globe.

His fans say lots of great things:

“Amazing singer, with a super kind heart!”

“Talented…talented…talented!!! Eugene you really have what it takes! I can’t to hear more of your lovely songs”

“Heart is melting!!! Thanks for Backstreet Boy’s song in Porto streets!”

“Brilliant. You leave an imprint on peoples lives…both when you are there …and then when you leave”

Eugene hero

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